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Jannah has Content Marketing covered with fresh responsive designs, amazing new features, complete 1-click website demos & lifetime free updates.
More than a year in development by experienced web design company, TieLabs, the team behind the No 1 Selling News Theme Sahifa
Real world features like ‘Select & Share’ native GIF Support and Web-based Push Notifications.
Mobile Navigation for today’s modern devices PLUS powerhouse AJAX Mega Menus built in.
Jannah takes a fresh look at the world of desktop publishing in today’s modern age of content marketing and flips it on its head with a stunning design, fresh layout options, modern sharing options and integration of most popular extensions for WordPress for maximum flexibility.

Of course, Jannah has a fully responsive design that not only adapts to all of today’s modern devices but responds to the most up to date mobile devices for swipeable content.

It also appears to think for you with intelligent menu features that adapt to the user’s device to ensure they have the best, most seamless experience possible while consuming your content.
– Fix: Review score position in the grid sliders.
– Fix: RTL widget paginations arrows direction.
– Fix: The width of the slider changes after loading the slider.
– Fix: The featured image width in the default Taqyeem widgets.
– Fix: Icon picker modal location on the RTL websites.
– Fix: Logo size bug.
– Fix: AdBlocker Detector issue on some browsers.
– Fix: Number translations issue in the Ajax loaded content.
– Fix: Logo size issue in the Sticky menu if the retina version is not set.
– Fix: Inline related posts issue.
– Fix: Size of the audio and video player in the AMP pages.
– Fix: Pagination arrows issue in the German translation.
– Fix: Auto Load Type option bug in the new Auto Load Posts feature.
– Tweak: New beta method to reduce the CLS caused by Google Ads.
– Tweak: New Method to generate the Critical CSS code to avoid conflicts with CDN services.
– Tweak: Hide the Instagram notice above the footer if the feature is active but the new plugin is not installed.
– Tweak: Nofollow rel. added to the share buttons.
– Tweak: Rounded style added for more elements.
– Tweak: New PHP filter to disable the theme-color meta.
– Tweak: New PHP filter to modify the preload meta for fonts.
– Tweak: New PHP filter to modify the preload meta for logos.
– Tweak: New PHP filter to modify the preload DNS-prefetch meta.
– updated: Jannah Optimization plugin.
– Updated: Jannah AutoLoad Next Posts plugin.

Download Jannah News – WP Newspaper Magazine News AMP BuddyPress v5.0.7 Nulled

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